Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come Pick Me Up.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Yes, there is still 20-ish minutes left of it here! Sorry for being such a downer last time!

Here's the thing with me & love songs. Okay, well, I love all of them, to be honest. But the ones I REALLY, REALLY LOVE are all the sad, lonely, yearning ones. This doesn't make much sense since I've been in the awesomest of relationships for seven years. But like...the sad, lonely, yearning ones were the ones I spent all of my years before I met Kathy listening to, curled up in a fetal position on my bed with my stereo on for hours, like every day, for years?

So. You know. The sad songs are in my bones.

The last few nights when I've been procrastinating doing things I should be doing I've wasted time by finding songs on my iTunes I haven't listened to in years and freaking out about each one. Okay, so this is actually kinda sorta my favorite activity of all time. Freaking out in my head about all the sad loser-y songs I used to love always feels like a love letter to myself.

The king of all my sad songs has always been Ryan Adams. I have more Ryan Adams songs on my iTunes than any other artist--even more than Hanson. (Gasp.) And almost all of them are so sad sack-y. I mean, he has this "lost" album that Shane burned for me once that's called Suicide Handbook, which is a pretty awful title but that's pretty much what it is because every song on it is so fucking depressing.

Anyway. So obviously my relationship with Ryan Adams is somewhat long and complex, but for this Valentine's Day, I just want to talk about what is probably His Greatest Song, or at least The Greatest Song on Heartbreaker, or at least The Greatest Song of Yearning Ever. To me, this song is perfect.

I don't know what makes Come Pick Me Up so wonderful; maybe it is the harmonica, for I always love a good harmonica. I like the selfishness of it. (No, I don't want to pick you up, I want you to come pick ME up, bitch.) I like the messiness of everything he wants. (Do you REALLY want her to screw all your friends behind your back? I mean. Okay.) Maybe it's because of the way he sings "steal my records." Maybe because it's honest and raw and good.

I have listened to it at least 343409834 times in my life. It is good every time.

I wish you'd make up my bed
so I could make up my mind.

PS. Ryan, I think you and Mandy are perfect together for reals.

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