Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Off the Waffle.

I feel I have been posting a lot of somewhat emotion-heavy things lately, whether on this blog or elsewhere, reflecting what is often my recent emotion-heavy state of mind. However, I still like other things that do not require melodrama or overanalyzation, and in fact need to revel in these things much more. Things like good friends. And waffles. (Basically I need to bring out my inner Leslie Knope much more.) And last week we got to enjoy both! Bam!

We were able to take a quick trip to Eugene to visit our dear friends Kim & Cliff last week, who you may remember from their appearance in my first People Are Awesome post, which I mean you probably do because an inclusion in my People Are Awesome posts ensures your eternal worldwide fame, I'm pretty sure.

Like all the best kinds of trips, we spent our time doing exactly two things: talking and laughing forever, and eating amazing food. After lavishing us with an amazing homemade Indian meal the night we got there (followed by homemade chai AND milkshakes!), they took us to Off the Waffle the next morning before we had to head back Portland way.

Off the Waffle specializes in liege waffles, which not only sound fancy but are crispy and sweet and delicious! The owners--who also apparently specialize in sporting large red-headed fro's, so, you know, there's that--grew up in Belgium so you know they aren't messing around. You can order them plain for cheap or order them with A BUNCH OF DELICIOUSNESS ON TOP, BOTH SAVORY AND SWEET DELICIOUSNESS, and there are not many ideas greater than a restaurant devoted to DELICIOUS WAFFLES WITH DELICIOUS STUFF ON TOP.

I ordered the Shmooli, which includes pears, smoked gouda, applesauce, walnuts, and coriander and YES IT WAS WONDERFUL. Kathy ordered the Sweet Funk Machine which was quite similar to mine except replace gorgonzola for the gouda and honey and cinnamon for the coriander. YES. Kim & Cliff both (I believe) got the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, which is one of these delicious waffles with an egg and bacon on top, BECAUSE WHAT'S BETTER THAN SWEET WAFFLES WITH BACON ON TOP, YEAH, NOTHING, MISTER.

For kicks, we also all shared a dessert waffle, the Overachiever, with bananas and Belgian chocolate and a crapton of whipped cream because obviously why wouldn't you.

The best part is that they're very decently priced, with most waffles falling in the $4-$6 range, with only a few schmancy pants ones inching up to $8 or so. They also offer vegan and gluten-free waffles because, you know, it's Eugene, Oregon. IN ADDITION, they have their OWN WAFFLE VIDEO GAME. It was super duper busy when we were there, and we were also very involved in the Talking and Laughing Forever bit, so we sadly didn't get to play, but I hope to next time. If you are confused about what a waffle video game entails, there is a long article about it here which I didn't actually read (TLDR) but which looks to be inspiring.

I look forward to returning to Eugene more over the next few months/year/however long we end up staying in this state, and exploring more neat-o gems of the town with Kim and Cliff. Although it might be difficult to branch out from the waffles.

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