Friday, May 4, 2012

10 Random Things I Like, A Lot, That Do Not Require Any Further Explanation: Part I.

(Perhaps subtitled: A Lesson in Brevity for Jill.)

1) Sun on my shoulders. Sun on my neck, sun on my feet and legs--sun on pretty much any patch of skin that does not feel it enough, which is pretty much any patch of skin.

2) Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It is always good. Always.

3) Dahlias. (The Dahlia Garden in Seattle's Volunteer Park, where this was taken, is particularly wonderful. More photos that don't include me looking silly can be found here.)

4) Pickles. Yo. I really love pickles.

5) These mugs that Kathy and I bought at the tulip festival this year. In general, the fact that Kathy and I always immediately agree on the essential things we need to spend our money on.

6) The pink tree that blooms briefly but awesomely at the house at the end of our block. Also, the dad who lives at this house (who I'm pretty sure is a teacher, not that that is related to anything), sitting on his porch early last Sunday morning, playing the acoustic guitar and staring into the distance.

7) This book I just finished, which I'll be reviewing for After Ellen soon. The quality of the books I've gotten to read for this project has seriously surpassed anything I expected.

8) S'mores Pop-Tarts. Because, I mean, duh.

9) New songs from Brandi, Regina, Florence, and Fiona. Thank you, ladies. You are fucking gorgeous.

10) Tami Taylor. Forever.

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