Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Goals.

OK. So I used to post about monthly goals I'd make for myself, and they were exceedingly boring, and I knew they were exceedingly boring, and they were also pretty much the same things each month, which is why I stopped making them. But the truth is, I think they were actually really good for me--in a like, "These are boring but help me feel stable and good about myself" way. And a lot of these things I used to make goals about I don't actually do anymore, partly because my current schedule of having four jobs and volunteering with three organizations is so cuckoo and weird, and partly because I'm lazy. So I think I'm going to start making them again, and the only reason I'm posting them on here is because I don't know if I would actually work on the goals otherwise and this is a boring explanation for a boring thing so let's finish this paragraph now.

+ I've been trying to run again but then putting off running because I don't actually own a pair of sneakers with which to go running--and last time I tried without sneakers I hurt my back, which made me a big whineypoo for over a week--and my iPod broke so I don't have music and people who run without music are more motivated people than me. So--make room in my finances. Buy sneakers. Buy a shuffle. Do it. Run at least five times, you big whineypoo full of excuses.

+ Send out all wedding invitations! Whee! Start work on wedding favors. Start working out plans for the ceremony, since we pretty much don't have any.

+ Start cooking again. Make three new meals.

+ The one I really want to do: make time to get outdoors, again. I spend so much time online these days, both for one of my jobs and just from pure, reckless addiction, and overall am just really stuck in my Portland world. This is a world that in fact doesn't include all the fun Portland-y things you would think of, but just being in my car and working a lot. Being stuck in any world for too long is never really good for my brain, and I've been feeling kind of wanderlust-y recently, which actually feels really good, because being wanderlust-y feels like being me. My love for hiking is different from my love for travel, but they come from the same corner of my heart, and I haven't wandered onto a trail in months and months and months. And I should. So. Find time to complete at least ONE solid hike. Columbia River Gorge, I'm looking at you.

+ Call Lou. Call Sam. Call Zoe. Call Allie.

+ Spend some time in the darkroom, make a portfolio of pictures of my cousin's lovely baby that I'm proud of. Print some pictures just for me, too, though.

+ Post another photo gallery on

+ Finish TWO of the multiple National Geographics that are waiting for me, taunting me from the coffee table.

OK. I know there's even more boring things I need to be doing but this is enough for now. Carry on.

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