Saturday, June 23, 2012


Our friend Manda visited us this week; we hardly worked at all while she was here. This meant that not only did we get to spend a lot of time with an awesome person, we got to go on vacation ourselves, running around town and watching movies and going on road trips and ending each day exhausted and eating until we were sick and all of my other favorite things.

Of course, now that she is gone, this means we are well on top of that awful post-vacation precipice: a combination of sadness, stress, and overall strangeness as we attempt to return to "normal" life, whatever normal life is.

But before I fall head first off that precipice into a pit of working and frantic wedding planning for the next month, here's a list of what I got to do this week before I forget it all:

- Attend the longest and raddest Gay Pride Parade; go to the art museum and look at all the art [I loved this part so much!]; eat at all my favorite places; see lots of waterfalls; drink a lot of my favorite beer; watch two of my favorite old nostalgia-filled Hanson videos; order pizza and play the Game of Real Life; go to the zoo and watch baby bears play with each other and a bunch of elephants take a bath [no big deal]; stay up late and sleep in as much as we wanted; drink jello shots at a trivia night where the only answers I contributed had to do with Duran Duran and Oranges being Not The Only Fruit; read Shakespeare by the ocean [how pretentious, I know]; spend hours upon hours driving along the Pacific in the sunshine; watch sea lions and sea otters get fed their lunch; drink PBR while playing video games [Tetris and Pac Man are all I need in life]; get drunk donuts; sing along to every best Disney song from the 90s; sing along to all the songs, really; see big mountains and smell lots of roses; hang out with two of the kindest ladies around.

It was a good week.

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