Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Goals: Review.

So by some type of shenanigans, it is June. I know, it took me by surprise, too. This means that:

1) Kathy is graduating from school soon! We will drink a lot to celebrate! Yayyy!
2) Manda is coming to visit and it is going to be so fun and we will do so many great things and just yay yay yay fun!
3) My tutoring gig will be over for the current school year! I am so pumped to have more free time! I will then predictably get sad a week after it's over about never seeing some of these children again and then over-analyzing how I could be better at what I do!
4) OMG so close to our wedding in July, how the hell did that happen!

It also means I get to give myself a grade on the goals I made for myself at the beginning of the month. I'm just going to be honest and say the only thing I know I accomplished for sure was reading some National Geographics. So. I mean. You have to take pride in the little things, amIright?

+ Running goal: Buy sneakers. Buy a shuffle. Do it. Run at least five times, you big whineypoo full of excuses.
I did buy a shuffle, and it came in the most adorable little box, oh Apple and your charming design skills! Definitely glad I spent the money to buy a new music-listening-device; it's been really useful and helpful. Did not buy sneakers. And in addition to my sneakers still being in complete falling-apart, almost-useless condition, our cat Lily peed all over them this month! And I'm still using them! What can I say, I am a classy bitch.

I don't think I ran five times, but I think I ran four. Which is pretty damn close. And a few of those runs were really great runs where I felt like I could conquer the world! So I'm not going to be too mad at myself for this one. A solid B-.

+ Send out all wedding invitations! Whee! Start work on wedding favors. Start working out plans for the ceremony, since we pretty much don't have any.
We sent out the invitations! Except to just a couple losers who we're still waiting on confirmation of addresses from, but for the most part, it's done. Phew. And people have been really excited about them which has been really great and fun. People are nice.

I was all ready to be proud of ourselves for accomplishing this goal, and I completely forgot I made these other ones, too. So, eff me. Did not work on wedding favors, which I really should have, 'cause they're going to take a while. Did not really make plans for the ceremony at all, which we also should really do, 'cause I think that's like, kind of a big part of the whole marriage thing or something maybe.

+ Start cooking again. Make three new meals.
Hahaha! Eff me! Hells no! I made pesto stuffed shells at the very beginning of the month:

They were yummy, albeit slightly overwhelming in a "whoa, that is a lot cheese, even for me" way. But that is never TOO much of a problem.

The rest of the month's meals were 2/3rds mac & cheese or some other variety of pasta, with the other third comprised of ice cream or just uninspired constant snacking. I hear some people try to eat healthy before their wedding so they can look good and stuff. I clearly never even had a chance of being one of those types of people.

The only other cooking venture I had this month that I can think of was remaking one of my favorite recipes, but for some reason it didn't turn out as delicious as it normally does. So. That's a depressing story.

+ Find time to complete at least ONE solid hike. Columbia River Gorge, I'm looking at you.
I had a Columbia River Gorge hike all planned out, and then realized I didn't really have the time or gas money to get there. So Kathy and I went on an "urban hike" instead, which is a super dorky term, but whatever, I love urban hikes. And in Portland, there are so many ridiculous hills and hidden staircases to climb that to be honest, I actually feel like I get a lot more, or at least an equal amount of exercise doing them.

Secret: Kathy was actually really mad at me here because I didn't bring enough water and we were sweating like pigs!
But, pretty rhododendrons, right?

Also, part of the hike ventured into Forest Park, so it pretty much felt like I was in the woods of the Gorge anyway.

+ Call Lou. Call Sam. Call Zoe. Call Allie.
Eff me, I should be a better friend than I have been. The only one I got to call was Lou. And while it was lovely to hear his voice, I feel like I was kind of weird the whole conversation because it'd been so long since we've talked, and I was in kind of an emotional place when I called, and, ugh. I just need all of your beautiful faces in person.

+ Spend some time in the darkroom, make a portfolio of pictures of my cousin's lovely baby that I'm proud of. Print some pictures just for me, too, though.
I so, so, so wanted to have this portfolio done and ready to give to Meg by June, but I didn't. Eff me. That said, I did actually buy the portfolio to put the pictures in, which felt like an accomplishment, and I have about half the photos done and to be frank am in love with how they're turning out. I have this weekend off of work and am actually planning on spending a good chunk of it in the darkroom to finish these off. And yes, I did print one or two "for me" too, but I want to do even more of that! Darkroom photography, why must you be so expensive?

+ Post another photo gallery on
Ugh. I tried. I swear.

+ Finish TWO of the multiple National Geographics that are waiting for me, taunting me from the coffee table.
Finally! Here we go! I READ THOSE TWO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS LIKE A CHAMP! Sure, I'm still a few months behind, but WHO CARES! I did something I said I would!

One of my favorite things lately is also sharing some of my favorite photos/moments from my National Geographic reading on Tumblr. Yes, that WAS one of the nerdiest sentences you've probably ever read. But anyway, I like sharing interesting things and also the very act of sharing it helps it remain in my memory for longer. So I shared this great picture from this great story about tiny villages in Brazil founded by former slaves, and also a picture of flamingos and flamingo babies for kicks.

The Brazil picture got one like. The flamingo babies got 20. In conclusion: people love baby flamingos!

Other things of note from this month that I'm proud of:

+ I made a doctor's appointment for myself for a general check-up for the first time in around three years. This really isn't exciting, but is one of those things I always tell myself I should do but never actually do, so, go me!
+ Took a somewhat spontaneous one day road trip to Seattle to see my dad while he was there for work. This was so great for a number of reasons:

1) My dad is the best.
2) I went to the Seattle Central Library for the first time, which is one of the neatest libraries I've ever been in, for real!

When I think about the libraries I've been to, it's actually not a huge number, and if I were to rank them, it's hard to beat the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library in terms of classic epicness, but the Seattle Library was epic in its own way--it felt really fun and exciting, and I feel like libraries should feel fun and exciting as much as they feel classic.

3) I also got to get lunch with Ashley, who is ALSO the best! Seattle is really overall just the best!
4) This was the first road trip I'd taken by myself in, well, a really long time. And it was wonderful. 90% of me knew it would be wonderful, but there was 10% of me that was worried having six hours in the car by myself would make me feel a little lonely or make my brain go into overdrive-overthinking mode, which rarely ends well. But it was all just lovely, especially the hour or so in Seattle that I got to just wander around the city taking pictures of random stuff. I felt practically giddy with happiness the whole time. Whenever I am wandering around a place by myself, taking pictures, that is when I am Home.

Anyway, who knew I had so much to say about Seattle. But my main point is: even when you're in a long-term, healthy relationship, it's always reassuring, and important, to know that you can still make your own best company.

+ Lastly, this was the month that I feel I actually became an AfterEllen writer. Although I only published a few more articles other than my normal book review column, I have a few more pieces in the works that'll be published next week, and I feel like I've already learned a BUNCH. And I will be writing about these boring things I've learned soon.

Alrighty, June. You're on.

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