Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Incomplete List of Some Favorite Parts From Our Wedding Week.

1. Keegan's hugs. Keegan still wearing that Giants hat.

2. Lying in the grass at the entrance to Prospect Park, baring my fat white legs to the world and feeling good about it.

3. The boathouse at Prospect Park.

4. That mole in Crown Heights.

5. Watching episodes of Roseanne projected huge on the wall of Erin's apartment.

6. Jersey girls at weddings. That red hat.

7. Getting drunk with our new Wedding Friend at Nick & Steph's wedding. So many margaritas.

8. Nick's dancing.

9. The Portuguese dancing.

10. Meeting my nephew for the first time.

11. My dad announcing our wedding to all of his friends when he didn't have to.

12. Getting ice cream at Gresham's, walking on the dike, the quintessential hometown activity, even if it was raining.

13. Flying with my dad for the first time.

14. Free shots of Jameson and cheers from strangers at trivia.

15. Sam Adams brewery tour first thing in the morning; Doyle's.

16. Steve chauffeuring us everywhere.

17. Manicures and pedicures with the moms. Listen, they are fun.

18. Riding the T. Feels so natural, so good, except when it makes me really aggressive, but even then I enjoy laughing at my aggressiveness afterwards. (Riding the subway in New York is good too, but nothing is the T.) Cities & public transit, you really are my heart.

19. Meeting Jackson for the first time. The babies meeting each other for the first time, even if they did steal a lot of the show.

20. That peanut butter Oreo ice cream at J.P. Lick's.

21. The sassy worker at City Hall who gave us our marriage license.

22. So Good, still being so good.

23. Talking with Shane at Flash's about life, goals, Brooklyn. Those delicious whiskey drinks at Flash's. Erial pulling me out of my seat to dance at Flash's. Flash's, overall.

24. The shirts & tiara Sam & Steve made/gave us. Witnessing almost every single person we invited that night coming out and drinking with us, even though many of them had traveled that day.

25. The cups my mom made. The food my mom made. The cupcakes my mom made. The everything my mom made and did.

26. Friends from all different parts of our lives meeting and talking and becoming new friends.

27. The view from the hotel.

28. So. much. Dunkin' iced coffee.

29. The weather being pretty much perfect the whole time. Other than the torrential downpour and thunderstorm at the end of Dad's party. Which was also perfect.

30. The fact that Kathy and I both thought we were going to be crying and freaking out the whole time during our ceremony and then we were just so freaking happy the whole time that we were completely fine.

31. Sam and my sister's speeches. Both perfect.

32. Everyone running up to us after the first dance and telling us how much they loved the CDs and the cards.

33. The Woodspeople bringing little sticks of wood.

34. Seeing Shelby for the first time in forever. Seeing Erin E. for the first time in forever. See Jess for the first time in forever. Meeting Kait and tons of awesome significant others. Everyone having such a good time.

35. The dancing. The dancing. The dancing.

36. Benson: so nice, so happy. Shane and Brian: perfect.

37. Sitting and eating my cake while I watched everyone dance to Shout.

38. Sitting by myself the next morning in a chair by the window, reading the guestbook and crying/laughing.

39. Doing hardly anything the next day but napping and watching Sandra Bullock movies at Sam and Steve's house.

40. Monday in Boston: walking around the South End, eating at Francesca's. Walking to the state house. Walking around Copley. Taking a swan boat ride in the gardens; those sweet Berklee students playing Adele and Nirvana on their violin and guitar on the bridge. Getting drinks at the Rattlesnake. Feeling completely relaxed and happy.

41. The little flower shops we went to in the financial district; the amazing woman at the second one.

42. $1 Yuenglings at that restaurant in my hometown with the awful service.

43. Getting used to seeing Kathy wear a ring.

44. Driving up Comm Ave, driving down Cory Road, passing through Cleveland Circle. Seeing the places we used to live.

45. The whole damn thing.