Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Random Things I Like, A Lot, That Do Not Require Any Further Explanation: Part II.

I have been going through periods of feeling out-of-sorts recently, perhaps for a variety of reasons. Reason 1) I've started exclusively "working from home" this month, only leaving the house for my volunteering gigs (and even those I'm cutting down on to work more), which has been, in fact, very awesome, emotionally and financially. At the same time, though, it allows me much more time to live inside my own head than I even normally do, and I have this issue that when I have time to live inside my own head I get kind of stuck there like a black hole. It's sort of bothersome. 2) Maybe now that the hubbub of the wedding is over, I also have more time to work through some other issues that I was able to ignore for a while and working through issues is stupid. 3) Even though I'm home way too much, I do still spend a large portion of my time working and so there's STILL not enough time to do all the things I want to do with myself and my life and then I get frustrated because I always make too many goals for myself and also I am crazy. 

Those are all reasons I only sat down and figured out right now as I typed, but, they sound pretty accurate.

Anyhoo, so after being a moody little brat all morning yesterday, I started to make a list on Twitter of things that help make me Not a Moody Little Brat most of the time, and it was nice, and it reminded me of this idea I had on here earlier in the year, to make these random lists of 10 things that I like a lot. As that is the purpose of this blog. These things don't have to be deep or important but they have to make me happy. So, I'm going to try to do this more. Here we go with Part Dos.

 1) Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn. It is the best and I have a hard time not eating an entire bag once I start. And yes, I do have to always eat the end of it like this. There is nothing wrong with it. 

2) These new shoes. I am obsessed with them. Money does buy happiness.

3) Mr. November by the National.

4) Getting advanced reader copies of books in the mail. It makes me feel very, very special.

5) This silly headband with this huge silly flower thing on it that I have literally been wearing every day like a silly person. How dare you judge the weird way I contort my hands to hold my camera.

6) Balsamic hummus from King Harvest.

7) The feeling when, after spending hours holed up in front of the computer, I blink and walk into the living room and remember that I am sharing this space with three amazing beings and every time I want to say, SQUEEEEEE and hug them forever because I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH OMG.

8) National parks. I think I wrote a post about this one time, but listen, I really like them and am glad they exist. Thanks, Ulysses and Teddy and folks! This one might seem random but I said it was a random list. You were in for it.

9) Tumblr. Tumblr is amazing and frequently the one thing online that makes me really, really happy. There are many, many amazing Tumblrs and it's the whole experience that makes me happy, but particularly this Tumblr right now is really amazing my brain and making all the happy parts of me full and glad.

10) Buying a tub of blue cheese crumbles at the grocery store when my brain says, "You have no specific purpose for buying these, but hells yeah, you will find some," and you do.

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