Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marina & the Diamonds.

If the processing cranks of my brain were tuned just slightly differently, I think I would hate Marina and the Diamonds. She has this unique voice that's slightly different than anything I've heard before, which takes this purposely playful, coy tone that I can see being so grating and verging on obnoxious to some folks. But for some reason, it all currently fits into this certain slot in my brain just right and everything about her is perfect and I am kind of sort of a little a lot obsessed.

Her studio songs are these highly-produced, dance-y, pop-y-but-not things that are the opposite of the sad, overly-earnest folky stuff that I normally spend most of my time listening to, but they fill my blood with this urgent adrenaline and make me feel like dancing forever by myself and kicking the world's ass. There have been many moments in the last few weeks where all I want in the world is to listen to Marina & the Diamonds at top volume until she consumes everything.

If the hyper energy of the studio songs aren't your thing, though, she also has all these acoustic versions on YouTube that are stripped down to their true heartbreaking core.

Because you see, her lyrics and the show she puts on are full of all this bravado, all this confident, egomaniacal stuff. But not very-subtly layered underneath it all is this huge palpable sadness.

I think she's brave and beautiful and I love all the strength that's coupled with her femmeness, I love that silly little heart on her cheek and those purposely bold roots and dramatic curls and her dresses and pumps and painted fingernails. She's not like me at all but I feel like there are secret pockets of myself that are hidden within her, and I like secretly reveling in them, privately celebrating the bubblegum bitch within myself. When I run listening to her songs, I feel like I can run forever.

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