Saturday, September 8, 2012

Notes to Self, Pertaining Words and Things.

It doesn't take a genius to ascertain that I dropped off on that whole "write fifteen minutes a day" challenge I put myself up to in August. I have two excuses. One, it became clear that the exercises were meant for people who are further along in the creative writing processes than I am, people who have plots in their brain to untangle and characters to develop and conflict to deepen. I do not have any of these things, yet. I have me and my brain and that's about it. Two, I was lazy.

Cheesy as though it may seem, I do still like the idea of setting writing goals or challenges, though. I remember watching a video once where Maureen Johnson said that neither herself nor a single writer she knows would ever actually get any writing done if they didn't have deadlines. So if that's true for people who write for a living, I don't know why we should get all banged up on ourselves for, like, not blogging enough, when the only editor waiting for our manuscripts are ourselves. Sure, we would all write beautiful things every day, if we didn't have a hundred other things to do in our days.

So I've been thinking about other ways to force myself to write more, off of prompts and ideas of my own volition. For the month of September, I made myself a vow in the middle of this week to write in a paper journal every single day, about anything. Like I'm a proper angsty teenager! I've only written stuff for three days in a row from the day I decided this, but it already feels stupidly good. And perhaps relatedly or not, I've also had a sort of mental breakthrough in the same time period where I'm quite suddenly feeling better about myself and my life than I have in a long, long time. COINCIDENCE OR NO? Okay, maybe coincidence. Maybe I'm full of shit. Either way, all of these things are good things.

I'm still going to push myself to make more posts in here about random fun things throughout this month, but my idea for October is to make a blog post each day about a random place I've been. That could be a state, a city, a street, a restaurant, a park. I've been to a lot of places < / brag alert >, so making thirty-one posts should be easy, and fun, and altogether nostalgic, which is my favorite. (Whether I actually have the discipline to make thirty-one posts is another thing.) Travel and experiencing the world is my absolute favorite thing, and the more I reflect back on the travels I've done, and the more I concentrate on the travels I want to do in the future, the closer I feel to myself, and that is always the ultimate goal.

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