Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Random Things I Like, A Lot, That Do Not Require Any Further Explanation**: Part III.

**: But that I will probably give anyway.

1) Body Shop Mango Body Butter. I feel like the Body Shop is a great place to get gifts, but you hardly ever buy something for your actual self, because it just feels too indulgent, or something. But when we got some stuff while Christmas shopping in December, we said, HEY, WE deserve a tub of body butter, too, dammit. And I am obsessed. Ob-sessed. It smells so good and makes me feel SO LUXURIOUS, PEOPLE. YES, I AM CAPS LOCK LEVELS OF EXCITED ABOUT IT.

2) The Patriot Guard Riders. Every time I read about these people riding from various states to form a line full of dignity and badassery to keep those mother-f-ing Westboro Baptist freaks of nature out of people's overwhelming grief, my eyes get moist with weepy happiness.

3) Pink Martini, Auld Lang Syne. Right, so, I actually started making this list in December, and this might seem a little out of season at this point, but I was going to talk about how I had downloaded all this new Christmas music to play during the month and this ended up, surprisingly, as my favorite thing of all. Pink Martini is Portland's favorite slightly-funky yet-actually-real-classy local act, and they play a couple big shows each New Year's, and the version I downloaded is from a recording from one of the shows a few years back. And it just makes me so happy. There's something about this song in general that, even while everyone's getting over being so preoccupied with Christmas music, kicks you right in the feels each year, and that somehow feels deeper than all the Christmas music, anyway, and I'm saying that as someone who LOVES Christmas music: It's not the celebration of one day, but a full wallop of half nostalgia for the year's past, and the things that might have been lost there, and half foolhardy optimism at what's to come. Basically, it is everything.

4) Nikki McClure. Everything she does is magic.

5) My new rain boots, which were a Christmas present from Kathy. Rain boots are essential here in Portlandia, and Kathy had researched this brand as being The Best, and they REALLY ARE. So superior to the Tarjay pair of mine that crapped out so long ago! (Although they served me well for a long time.) And they are so blue! I want to wear them every day even though it actually hasn't rained in like a week which also is really weird for Portland in January, discuss!

6) I swear I wasn't meaning to make this simply a brag-about-my-Christmas-presents post, but that's what it's going to be because I never buy this kind of nice stuff for myself so it is EXCITING. Like also this scarf, and these fingerless gloves, both from my mom and both comfy, wonderful knits of love.

7) Last piece of vanity: newest favoritest earrings from Zoe.

8) Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing. Tahini! I never knew!

9) Marina & the Diamonds, Numb. Last year, once I stopped obsessively listening to Florence and the Machine, I commenced obsessively listening to Marina, as evidenced by the fact that I wrote a gushing blog post here, and then flailed some more in yet another post (that I got paid for!). Yet somehow, in both posts, I never got a chance to blab about my favorite song, the last track off her first record, which I listened to on repeat at top volume in my car many many times in the fall of 2012. Being as it's a new year and all, I'm going to actually try to expand my musical knowledge past a crippling emotional devotion to two artists. I think I can do it, guys! But still, I'll harbor dreams of hearing this performed in a huge opera hall forevs.

10) Amy Poehler. Remember when she and Tina Fey hosted the Golden Globes? That was rad. Also, remember when this picture existed?

Going to try to do this more, this year. Time to really focus on the random shit that makes me happy, because this is, in actuality, the important stuff.

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