Saturday, February 16, 2013

Books Are Pretty: Part II

I've been meaning to make another one of these posts forever; specifically, since I first made one last January. There were lots of lovely "Best Book Covers of 2012" lists I saw at the end of last year, but the covers I've chosen for this are not necessarily from 2012. And I've hardly read any of them or can say anything about the actual quality of the text. Oh, and they're pretty much all MG or YA. Duh! But here they are: completely random books covers that have caught my eye. Because the art of the book cover is a damn fine art.

1) The Blood Lie, Shirley Reva Vernick; Cinco Puntos Press, 2011.


2) Angry Young Man, Chris Lynch; Simon & Schuster, 2011.

The most powerful combination is an amazing title with an amazing cover, and this is one of them. Literally gives me chills each time I see it.

3) Scrawl, Mark Shulman; Roaring Brook Press, 2010.

The unique-profile is clearly something I go for, as this concept is somewhat similar to The Blood Lie. But I just thought this cover was particularly clever.

4) Lark, Tracey Porter; HarperCollins, 2011.

OK, OK, give me a pretty tree and/or a pretty bird design AND I WILL LIKE IT. That's probably overly predictable or generic or something, but oh well! I can't fight it!

5) Dreamland, Sarah Dessen; Viking/Speak, 2000.

This has since been reissued with what I believe is a much more boring cover, of a dock jutting into the sea, but this was the original hardback version and I just love the absolute zine-y-ness of it. Yeah, zine-y-ness isn't probably a word you hear often, but there it is.

6) Karma, Cathy Ostlere; Razorbill, 2011.

I mean, that's just pretty.

7) Stones for My Father, Trilby Kent; Tundra Books, 2011.

Normally, I wouldn't herald the event of yet another white girl on the cover of a youth book, but there's something different about a specifically freckled white girl with a dead eye stare. Haunting.

8) Girl Wonder, Alexa Martin; Hyperion, 2011.

So another white girl excuse: those colors! So great!

9) Ninth Ward, Jewell Parker Rhodes; Little, Brown, 2010.

This book cover was reprinted after it won a Coretta Scott King Honor Award, with a non-illustrated image, and shockingly, I find this original far superior. Something about the child riding through the flood, guided by that huge flower, seems so gentle in the middle of such tragedy that, even though I know it's "just" an illustration for a children's book, I almost get choked up each time I run across it.

10) Hokey Pokey, Jerry Spinelli; Knopf, 2013.

Since most of the books I choose will normally be a few years old, I think I should end the list each time I randomly decide to do this (because I'm hoping to make these lists more often, because I REALLY LIKE BOOK COVERS!) with a very-recent book, the honor of which this time goes to Jerry Spinelli, whom I love (or probably more accurately, to his publishers). A bike in a pretty sky? Sounds good to me.

What have been your favorite covers recently?

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