Saturday, June 15, 2013

10 Random Things I Like, A Lot, That Do Not Require Further Explanation.

[Connecticut and New York vacation edition! Which does not really make it as random. But don't worry, it will still seem like it is.]

1. Wicked! There is something so wonderful sometimes about knowing very little to nothing about a story before you're emerged in it, which is how I was with Wicked before my mom bought tickets for us to see it in New York last week. I know, how can I not know much about Wicked when it has been A Thing for so long? But I didn't. And I certainly didn't expect the story to be so complex and heart wrenching and I really didn't predict how drenched my shirt would be with tears by the end of "Defying Gravity," but, so it was.

Do not want.
2. Baby Cranes. Have you ever seen baby cranes? Well we did at the Bridgeport Zoo and it was awesome.

Not my photo, because I was apparently too entranced to take my own. ( via )
3. Jackson Heights. Our main purpose of our frenzied trip to NYC was to scout out neighborhoods we could possibly afford, which was hampered a bit by the pouring rain that overtook the entire day we were going to do so. But we were still oddly charmed by Jackson Heights in Queens, where we could have delicious Indian food every night! It will remain in our dreams.

( via )
4. Skeeball. OMG Skeeball is the best all other arcade games can go home unless you're an arcade game that's gonna give me a lot of tickets for pointless free shit. But skeeball is still probably better than you.

5. Pepe's Pizza. This is good pizza, son.

6. Beluga Whales. So the Mystic Aquarium is hands down the best aquarium I've ever been to and the best part is in the first five minutes when you walk in and get to see the beluga whales who are so ADORABLE AND FRIENDLY AND JUST WANT TO PLAY WITH EACH OTHER AND LOVE YOUUUUUU.

7. Harlem. So, right, it's definitely not on our "can possibly afford" list, but, I still liked it a whole lot and can still VISIT a lot in our plausible future New York life, so.

8. Slamming beers in the PDX airport before overnight flights. We have taken a lot of overnight flights in the last few years, and the general consensus at this point is that while they do end up affording us more time in our destination, they pretty much suck the big one. But since the PDX airport is awesome and full of reliably priced local breweries, we have crafted a tradition of ordering beers and then chatting excitedly about our upcoming trip until we suddenly realize we have to chug that shit down before boarding.

9. Georgia. Not the state or the Hanson song, although I am in no way opposed to those, either.

10. The Book Barn. This place is way kooky and full of books and cats. So, basically, heaven.

See you again soon, Northeast.

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