Monday, June 24, 2013

Michelle Chamuel.

Since returning home from vacation a couple weeks ago and being officially on "summer break," I had committed myself (in my mind) to staying to a strict schedule while "working from home" and really being productive and disciplined. 

And there have been days where I've done just that. Then there have been days where I just ate a lot of ice cream and watched hours upon hours of The Voice that had stacked up on our DVR over the last few months. To the point where I have way more of an emotional attachment to The Voice at this moment in time than a normal person would probably admit to. BUT WHATEVER I AM ADMITTING IT, OKAY.

Even though Michelle Chamuel got runner up, there's been lotsa love for her on the Internets and I'm going to join the throngs for a second and here's why:

1) Okay, so I wouldn't enjoy watching this show so much if I wasn't just super fascinated by the songs each contestant/judge chooses, and there were a lot of rad songs on this season. But while with all the other singers I'd be like, "Ooh, good song," whenever Michelle Chamuel opened her mouth it was like, "OMG, this song is MY JAM." Pink! ROBYN! Cyndi Lauper! That Keane song that I loved so hard that one summer! Those Taylor Swift songs that even Voldemort would like! GURRRRRRL STOP IT.

2) So some lesbian peeps have given her a hard time for not being "out enough" because she never really talked about it on the show, but *rolls eyes* whatevs, she's out, everyone knew she was a lez. Not every single person on TV has to like, TAKE A STAND on their sexuality if they don't feel like it. But what really made Michelle Chamuel stand out wasn't just that she was queer or that she "indie"--god, that term is just so annoying somehow right?--but that she was adorably awkward and kinda shy and just DIFFERENT and she stood up for being DIFFERENT--she refused to take off her glasses or put in hair extensions or wear heels or a skirt or whatever even though producers suggested all of those things--and that's the most important thing. And she acted all shy and insecure at the beginning of the season but then when she was actually on stage, she had such a beautiful stage presence with so many rocking moves. There are other lesbians on TV now for young queers to look up to, but Michelle inspired weird, awkward people everywhere to not be afraid to be themselves, which almost makes me even happier.

3) Hahahaha her and Usher, haha, right? OMG OTP. When he hugged her and twirled her around when she made it to the next round that one time? And just the looks they gave each other all the time? And remember when they did push ups together during rehearsal and then when they worked out together at the gym? Hahaha in love with both of them. THEY ARE PERFECT.

4) So I normally fast forwarded through the "Voice Confessionals" because lolz, ain't nobody got time for that, but in the one I happened to see, Michelle confessed that one of her "guilty pleasures" was snacking straight on a head of lettuce. LOL WHUT WHO DOES THAT. Also for serious that is not a guilty pleasure. But I like you anyway.

5) I just really liked all of her collaborations with the other artists towards the end, maybe because none of them ever involved the boring blonde girls (although I admit they did all have good voices! Just...boring). My faaaaaaaaaavorite thing of maybe the entire season was when my FAVE FOUR--Michelle, Sasha, Sarah, and Judith Hill--zomg, remember when Judith Allen didn't even make it to the finals? Why is America so weird?--sang Diamonds, and it COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND to the point where I MIGHT EVEN GO BUY THEIR VERSION ON ITUNES OR SOMETHING CRAZY LIKE THAT. I love that all four are so different but together they are still MAGIC.

So good so good so good!

Michelle aside, so much about this season also gave me warm fuzzies and a lot of it probably had to do with Shakira. Undoubtedly because of Shakira, so many Latina girls/women came out and sang songs in Spanish, and they and Shakira would converse back and forth in Spanish, and it just made me want to shout in happiness because...just because. Just because it's good. And that adorable girl Cathia, who made it farther than expected, when Carson (haha Carson) asked her if she had anything to say when she was finally kicked off, the first thing she said was that she was so proud/happy that she made it as far as she did and she got to sing her songs in Spanish. And I was like, YES! I'm happy that you did that too and that you then said that you were so happy specifically because of that! Also, there have now been TWO fierce Latina lesbians that have gotten pretty far on this competition (Vicci Martinez and Karina Iglesias). Which is something.

And maybe one day the skinny white girls will stop actually winning the whole thing, but, at least Danielle was better than that girl last year, which REALLY made me question America. I mean, more than usual. Not that I ever actually vote myself because clearly I only like to watch my reality TV months after it's actually aired so I probably can't talk. Also clearly none of The Voice winners have really become famous or anything so, you know, whatever.

Also, both Shakira and Ursher just took their roles REALLY SERIOUSLY which I really liked, and the whole vibe between all four of the hosts seemed genuine and just made me happy. I even liked the stupid played up bantering between Adam and Blake! You guys, I think I really need to get out more!

And the whole time I've been watching these hours upon hours of The Voice by myself while eating ice cream I've been crying inside because I knew that they were leaving and Cee Lo (who is fine) and Christina (UGH GOD NO) were coming back next season. But I just read this very important EW article which explains that they will only be back for next season in the fall but that Shakira AND Ursher will be back for the NEXT season, in the spring. After the Winter Olympics. So YAY for that and also, OMG OLYMPICS.

So, well, that's what's new with me lately.

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