Saturday, July 27, 2013

All things pretzel and cheese and beer.

I don't think I have any German blood in me (although who knows), but most Portlanders turn into honorary Germans when it comes to the Holy Trinity: cheese, beer, and pretzels. (No offense, holy ghost and God and stuff.) That is, unless you're a vegan, and hahaha, a life without cheese, nope.

Here are some of my favorite examples of this heavenly trio here in Portlandia, because why not:

Blurry Kathy Face not included.
The Hopworks Pint O' Pretzels:
There are so many delightful things about Hopworks, one of our favorites of which is the pint o' pretzels, which consists of three gargantuan soft pretzel sticks served with the yummiest cheese sauce and a mustard so strong it'll make your nose burn. And all for only $3.75! Which contributes to its awesomeness. Sold.

Deschutes Brewery and Pub pretzel
Photo courtesy of this dude's Flickr!
The Deschutes' Pub Pretzel:
OK, so there are a lot of similarities between this and the last one, except this one comes in one circle o' pretzel, and a whole BOWL of creamy cheese, accented with a Black Butte Porter mustard ring! This is also at least four buckaroos more than the Hopworks offering, and with less pretzel percentage, so there's that. But the ratio of cheese to pretzel is that much greater that it's still completely lovable. I mean, in case you missed this, IT'S A BOWL OF CHEESE. It's also much thicker and heartier than the cheese sauce offered at Hopworks, meaning, you have an approximately 40% higher chance of heart attack while consuming it, so, win. (Although since you also consume more pretzel at Hopworks, it probably evens out, so no need to freak out.)

The Beer Cheese Soup at Henry's
While beer cheese soup is pretty much great anywhere you can get it--it's beer and cheese and soup, come on--I haven't found any that matches the one at Henry's, a fancy restaurant in the Pearl which we frequent for fancy occasions. If you'll notice in this thoroughly unflattering picture which was taken pre-iPhone era, we were sitting at the bar and there's a rim of ice around the counter to place your beer on so it'll stay cold. See? Fancy. But the soup! The soup alone is worth the trip.

I don't know about you, but my arteries feel properly clogged just writing about this. Hooray! Also, in case I don't mention this enough, Portland is pretty much the greatest.

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