Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Random Things I Like A Lot Because Random: October 2013 edition.

1) This cheesy and/or AMAZING Halloween owl thing that I got at Walmart for $2.50. Yeah, I know, okay, Walmart is evil and it's only $2.50 because some poor person in a sweat shop made it and I really really do care but I love holiday decorations something fierce and also it's adorable.

2) This crazy neighborhood cat who likes to run up to huge dogs and rub against their legs like they are BFFs. I mean, I also freak out each time it happens because I have no idea if my dog will eat her or not, but I have never seen another cat do such a thing and I want to hug her and steal her. Although I haven't seen her in a while. I am hoping it's not because a big dog like mine ate her.

3) Duolingo. The older I get, the more determined I become to learn all the languages in the history of the world, because I like sensible goals, especially when my brain becomes less and less likely to actually be able to carry them out each day. But anyway, Duolingo is the best app of all the apps ever created. You can use it on your phone or just online, and it is free and I want to marry it except I am already married.

4) These mums. I have wanted to put a nice plant in a nice pot on our very very fancy steps forever, and I finally made it happen with some mums. It is this bright pop of color every single time I open the door and it makes me so flipping happy.

5) "Diamonds," The Boxer Rebellion. 

6) These blue dishes. I know these 10 Random Things lists always devolve into materialistic and shallow shoutings of things I've acquired lately, but whatevs. While on vacation in Leavenworth, Washington a few weekends ago for my birthday, Kathy bought these for me after I told her she should at some hip antique store, and we are not typically antique store shoppers, and I never knew that I wanted things like old dishes, but apparently I do. (One's from England; one from Japan. Blue!) When we got home I actually purchased plate hangers, because those things exist, and put them up in our kitchen, and this is the worst picture ever, but sometimes I lean against our sink and stare at them and feel just pretty damn proud of myself.

7) This American Life. Get ready for some 30-year-old-white-girl talk, but I've been reconnecting with the world of podcasts, and This American Life is just always so good. Okay? Okay. That's all. Also, everyone I know, you've probably already had someone else shout this at you but NEVER TAKE TOO MUCH TYLENOL, OKAY?!

8) Silver Falls State Park. Silver Falls is the largest state park in Oregon, outside of Silverton and close-ish to Salem, and I've only been there twice, one trip of which was with my dad last week, but it is one of my favorite places. I've done the same short hike each time and seen two magnificent waterfalls, but there are TEN in the main hiking loop altogether. TEN! My dad and I both committed to returning sometime and doing all ten. And when I complete that goal, I will write about it in my boring hiking blog and I will feel like I have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail like Cheryl Strayed! Except not really because the Pacific Crest Trail is wayyyyy longer and wayyyyy harder.

9) This extremely unhealthy buffalo quinoa. I've been cooking a lot more recently, partly inspired by the other writers at Food Riot who clearly know way more about cooking than I do. I've actually been thinking each month that I should do a monthly post recapping my favorite meals on here, but then the end of the month comes and goes and I forget. But one of my favorites from the last couple of months is this buffalo quinoa "mac and cheese" although if I made it again, I'd probably add some chicken and a little more quinoa, because it was REAL saucy, although I am not necessarily complaining because I like things as saucy as you can get 'em and I shoveled it in, but my digestive track was sort of like "hahaha this concoction is ridiculous what are you doing to me." Because the recipe is basically like a quarter of a bottle of Frank's Red Hot and a whole lot of cheese. Like, that's pretty much it. BUT QUINOA SO HEALTHY. (Not healthy.)

10) Shakira. Okay so we've been watching The Voice, even though it is no longer the Dream Team of coaches, and Christina actually isn't annoying me THAT much. I mean, like, it's tolerable. But I miss Shakira talking Spanish to me on TV each week. And sometimes recently "Poem to a Horse" will come on my iTunes shuffle when I'm running and it just makes me want to listen to Shakira all night and day.

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