Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giorno Diciotto: Best moment of my life.

Okay, so the middle of the month with this whole Blogember thing went down the drain a little, which could've been expected, and I know that today is also the 20th and I'm doing Day 18 (Diciotto in Italiano!). But I really wanted to do this one, and the next string of prompts really, so I'm going to catch up, even if it's squeezing a few prompts into the same day.

It also may be silly that I want to do this prompt so badly because it is going to be SO. CLICHE. Like, so cliche I can hardly stand myself, but who cares because it makes me so happy. The best moment of my life was my wedding.

Kathy and I had a somewhat tumultuous year before our wedding, probably the hardest year we've ever had together. And leading up to the day, we had no idea how we were going to pay for any of it (which is why we had already delayed it for like three years), and then everyone kept telling us to prepare for things to go wrong because they always do, but then the whole thing was pretty much perfect. The weather was perfect, the people were perfect, the dancing was perfect, it was all perfect and we were just happy happy happy. And anytime I look back on it since then, I can't believe how great it actually all was, which I think is because so much stuff happens all at once during a wedding that it takes a long time to process it.

The night before after a family gathering at my amazing cousin's where my mom made all the cupcakes and all the food in general and there were all the babies and also cups with our pictures plastered on them, we went downtown to hang out with some friends in a loosely planned "bachelorette party" and then, like, everyone came. Like so many friends from all walks of life came and stayed out past the last T, even though many of them had flown and driven for many hours that same day. Sam and Steve made us t-shirts and organized what bars we'd go to and everyone bought us drinks and then we walked over the bridge back to Cambridge at the end of the night and it was all brilliant and hilarious and good.

I should also back up and mention that a few weeks before this all happened, we had a Portland Love Ceremony that was also perfect and super sweet and full of wonderful people and DOGS! and buffalo wings and Mt. Tabor and a cake from our favorite bakery which is now out of business (RIP Sweetness) and which I can't find a photo of now but it said "Love is all you need" because Beatles. And a week before the Boston ceremony, we got to hang out in New York and do a bunch of our favorite things in Boston and basically just do awesome things, I mean when I wasn't crazily trying to make personalized mix CDs for people because I thought that was the most sane idea for wedding favors, so who even needs a honeymoon?

Our hotel suite where we stayed in Cambridge was amaaaazing, and the day of Shane helped us organize the music and Manda helped Kathy get ready and my mom did my hair and I kept worrying about being nervous but then I was just happy. Also did I mention my mom made my dress because she is incredible?

And then the food was good and the cake was pretty and the toasts were perfect and we danced our first dance to Stevie Wonder which is the only obvious choice and people were practically shoving each other in order to reach us and say how much they loved the CDs and then everyone danced and danced forever on the humongous dance floor that we had requested. There was a pizza hat and inappropriate touching and photo boothing and three playings of Call Me Maybe and a dance circle and sweat and bruises (sorry again, Sam).

We also had random tourists from Georgia tell us that they were so happy about our gay marriage, and while our actual wedding coordinator at the hotel had been just so-so, the lowly hotel employees who probably make way less money than her who gathered all of our stuff up at the end of the night were so friendly and happy for us too and no one kicked us out even though we stayed past our time and then lots of people hung out in our suite where there was honest to God champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and a sombrero and gorgeous nighttime views of the Charles and Boston and we only got yelled at for being too loud a few times.

And yeah, this was basically just an excuse to waste way too much time looking through our wedding photos again and maybe it was vain, but it was totally worth it. The year and a half since then has been one of the best year and a halves of our lives, and every day I am just so happy to be married to Kathy Dougherty.

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