Monday, November 4, 2013

Giorno Quattro: Liberta.

Day four of Blogember is to write for five minutes about freedom. And maybe this answer will make me sound really insufferable (I am also really cranky and tired right now), but:

Whenever I think about the word "freedom" nowadays I just think about how many people still don't have it. Rich people are more free than poor people; people who are born a different color are less free than other people; people who happen to be born in a different place are less free than others in other places; women are less free than men (and men can be less free than women in certain areas). And maybe that sounds like I'm taking too literal of a reading of it, because "true freedom lies within," which I know is true, to a point, but sometimes that can just be a privileged view of the world. If people always talk about dying for our freedom and stuff, I really feel like those same people ought to really think about freedom a little harder, because I think some people really want it for everyone but some people only think freedom is okay for some folks. And if you fall into the category of just not thinking about it that much, you're in the second category.

That said, I feel so grateful for all the freedom I have, which is a lot.

(That was cheery, wasn't it!)

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