Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Giorno Sei: Cinque Favorite Apps.

Day Six of Blogember involves listing our five favorite apps, which is sort of like a HAHA in my face right now, since I have been phoneless since Friday when I dropped it. Mind you, I have dropped it a million times in the past--I even once faceplanted while running and used my iPhone to break my fall, which it did beautifully, and survived--but this one little drop from my chair made its screen display blue stripes of death. I can't afford the $200 to get a new one until this weekend, so I've been going around phoneless, trying to tell myself it's a good thing, that it is OKAY to not be checking my phone every five minutes like I've gotten used to. Like I would maybe have some moments of human clarity like Louis CK rants about. Because I feel you, Louis.

But the truth is when I'm out and about without my phone, I feel anxious. What if something has happened to Kathy and she hasn't been able to get a hold of me? What if I lose track of time? What if something happens to ME? And maybe I have had a greater center of gravity: I've spent more time reading books in my spare time than checking Twitter and Facebook and being on my other favorite apps. I've been less connected, and maybe there are positive aspects to that, but I do also LIKE knowing what's going on with people I care about. I feel slightly guilty that I've been a little out of the loop this week.

Anyway, the point is, so what if I'm a creature of the 21st century. Technology isn't all bad, okay? Sorry, luddites.

So here are five of my favorite apps that aren't just Twitter or Facebook or Gmail:

1) Duolingo. I just blabbed all about this in another blog post a couple weeks ago! Embarrassing. Duolingo aggressive. Follow me, tho. Language!

2) Instagram. I know, boring. But...I've really missed being able to Instagram. :\ Because I sort of really love it. :\

3) Gojee. Just a really beautiful food & recipe app, although I took a couple steps away from it recently after realizing that the recipes I kept making from it were maybe not turning out super great, because they are maybe from chefs who are above my league? Hoping to come back to it though when I've either learned more cooking skillz or am better at discerning what will or will not work just by looking at the recipe.

4) Untappd. Beer.

5) The Multnomah County Library App. HAHA, what a nerd, but okay, I have been using my library's app a lot recently and it is awesome. I used to put books I really wanted to read on my to-read list on Goodreads, where they would then sit forever unlooked at again. But now when there's a book I really, really want to read, I immediately type it into the app and put it on my holds list on the library. That way, even if it's months from now, when it becomes available I will HAVE to read it because the library will be like "THIS BOOK IS WAITING FOR YOU, BITCH." Which has now led me to a somewhat obsessive checking of my holds. Anyway, it's a good app!

Yeah, okay. I want my phone back now.

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