Thursday, November 7, 2013

Giorno Sette: A day in the life.

7:40: Slept in later than I should have. Last night I stayed up too late reading, and had also drunk some beers, both of which make waking up difficult. (Haha what am I talking about; waking up is always difficult.) Was finally forced out of bed when JP jumped up on it while whining full throttle, which she only does when she really, really wants me to get up.

Woke up feeling good. This is an important part.

7:40-8:30: Woke up, fed all the animals, gave JP her meds, took JP on her walk.

8:30: Watched a few minutes of last Saturday's Melissa Harris-Perry while eating cereal. Read a few more pages of A People's History of the United States, a project I've been working on since early summer. (I'm on page 469!)

9-11: Transcribed a file about fair labor laws.

11-12: Took a shower; started to get myself ready for a Day Full of Errands, one of those really nice days that working from home allows me to fit in sometimes. Had especially a lot of errands to do because Manda is arriving tonight, and I wanted to get things ready for her and Georgia.

12-3: Errand central, with JP in tow in the car. Went to: the library, the post office, Goodwill to drop off a bag of clothes, Home Depot, Target, the bank, the hardware store to make some copies of keys. BOOM.

2:50: Contemplated whether or not I should get a burrito at Taco Bell on my way home even though I've already eaten Taco Bell this week and there are leftovers are home that are going to go bad if I don't eat them soon.

2:55: Got a burrito at Taco Bell.

3-6: Transcribed a British cooking show about vegan cheesecake. Did laundry. Got Manda & Georgia's room ready. Put away Halloween decorations. Cleaned the bathroom.

6:00-6:30: Took JP on a walk; put real pants on again.

7-9: Trivia at Bare Bones with Kathy and Erica. We lost!

Right now: Made box mac & cheese, something I often get an urge to do after trivia; watched the Portland Timbers v. the Seattle Sounders (Timbers just won!); about to do dishes.

Sometime today, also: Started J. Courtney Sullivan's The Engagements. Watched 10 minutes of an episode of Torchwood. Got rid of an old chair via Craigslist.

In about an hour: Will drive to the airport to pick up Mandaaaaaaa!

I don't know if that sounds like a really boring day or a really awesome day to everyone else. But I thought it was pretty awesome.

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