Sunday, November 3, 2013

Giorno Tre: 5 Favorite Blogs.

Giorno tre of Blogember is your five favorite blogs, and I'm going to do this in a sort of weird way so as to actually include more than cinque because I am sneaky.

1) My fave Hanson ladies: I suddenly realized yesterday how neat it is that Tahnie, Manda, Cat and I are all writing in blogs together for this thing, just like it's 1998! Except via Wordpress and Blogger instead of Angelfire and Geocities! It warms my little heart. So thank you, Tahnie.

2) Hyperbole and a Half. Because, obviously?

3) Tumblrs from people who aren't really my friends but I like to imagine we are: Richard Lawson and Rachael Maddux. And I don't mean their Tumblrs in the way of reblogging GIFs and quotes about self-confidence, which I also really, really like, from everyone, but I mean their Tumblrs in the way of sometimes they write long personal things on it and I don't just scroll through it all until I find the next GIF, but actually sit and read every word, because they both write the way I would like to write. I like Richard Lawson's self-deprecating yet hopeful writing about New York and pop culture and horrible people, and I like his nostalgic rambles during trips home to Massachusetts, and I like how everything that Rachael Maddux ever says about music or politics or writing is always somehow perfect, like what my brain would say if my brain was better at saying things, and how she is like a year or two younger than me but is in fact at least ten years wiser, and funnier. Also she and I used to both like Hanson, and Richard Lawson went to college with my cousin, so, you know, we are all pretty much BFFs.

4) Looks and Books. Back in the day during what seems like a long time ago now, Jill D. (who is now ALSO a Jill G.) and I worked together, and while we live on opposite sides of the country now, she and I continue to have a heck of a lot of the same interests, including both books and fashion, which she mixes and mingles really interestingly on her blog. Okay, I don't know a TON about fashion, but I admire it, and you know my Project Runway feels. But seriously, Jill has been keeping up this blog pretty consistently for years, and it is always really well written and great, and I admire it/her.

5) My wife. So my wife has a blog, and she is also pretty great, and yeah, she's only written in this blog three times this year, but the point is that she is really a really, really great writer and I feel like sometimes people don't know that about her. And maybe putting her on this list will encourage her to write in it more. Because as we all know, publicly pressuring the other to do things they don't actually have time to do is totally part and parcel of a successful marriage, right? Yep.

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  1. You mentioned Kathy's blog in an early post and I was like, "Wow, why haven't I read her blog?" Well, as it turns out I have! And I totally agree with you, she should write more! I would read that :)