Monday, December 2, 2013

Writing Log: November 2013.

Last month, I made a vow to start documenting my writings around the internets once a month on this here blog, so while I'm a couple days late, here's the stats for November.

At the Riots:

Both of these got good feedback/love, and a lot of people (either via comments or Twitter) mentioned things that I had forgotten to list in both articles, but more in a "I'm excited that these things exist and so want to share" kind of way, rather than a "How dare you forget these things, you awful human being!" type of way, mainly, which was nice.

- What's For Dinner: Sweet Potato Edition
- Take, Taste, Toss: Cheese and Beer

So I accomplished my two-posts-a-month minimum at each site, although both of the Food Riot ones are just columns that they post regularly and which didn't really require a lot of original thought (although they were still fun). What I'm still bad at is actually checking both sites regularly and reading everyone else's posts, because when I do, I find that I really, really like my fellow Rioters and am also inspired by them.

At the AfterEllen:

- Good Wife recaps: 5.6, 5.75.8, 5.9
- Last Tango in Halifax recaps: 2.12.2
- Generation Cryo recap: 1.1

Recapping three shows at once is kind of exhausting but also really fun. Last Tango in Halifax fans literally make up for every other bad thing that happens to me in regards to writing/comments because they are just so supportive and happy and really into the show (BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING) and the recaps and discussing things in a mostly friendly way and I love them.

- Last Tango Season 2 Preview
- Interview with Bree from Generation Cryo

This was the first one-on-one phone interview I've done, which is maybe weird because AE does interviews all the time but I never really put myself out there for them. I participated in a conference call style interview with Queen Latifah once but didn't even get to ask a question so I don't think that counts. Anyway, it was really fun.

- Black Lesbians on Reality TV: The Good, the Bad, the In-Between

DISASTER. I really enjoyed writing this but then the comments haunted me. Apparently I got everything wrong and am a dimwit who should never write about queer women of color again. Duly noted.

Group Posts: 

TwinningBooks We're Thankful For, Best Books We Read, Best Food We Ate, AE Gift Guide.

Other shtuff:

I started Tahnie's great Blogember challenge hardcore, doing it every day here on the blog for the first week, and then I crashed and burned real hard. I almost expected this, but I still feel slightly disappointed in myself about it. Because for those days that I did it, I really enjoyed it. It didn't even necessarily have to do with the specific prompts, but just knowing I was doing something I set out to do, and writing silly stuff just for myself. Because writing for websites, I get so wrapped up in what editors and readers will like/want/respect, that it's not Correction: I almost always enjoy myself in the actual act of writing, no matter what it is. But then all the other stuff gets wrapped up in it. But writing literally just for myself? Fun.

Still, even if I didn't necessarily follow through, I updated this blog 11 times, which is more than I have updated it in a month's time in, like, ever. There are a few prompts I didn't get around to doing that I really wanted to, so maybe I'll come back to them whenever I'm in the writing mood and need an idea.

Good Things About This Month:

I wrote a decent amount. And I was able to write a decent amount while also working a lot at my other jobs (transcribing and now substituting). I don't know if I will ever NOT feel like I should be doing more, but overall this month, I was pretty productive at life, and my paychecks reflected it, which feels good.

Bad Things About This Month:

Man, some comments really got to me. And I even maybe ticked off some editors who I previously thought really loved me? Basically, I screwed up some. And I know most of the stuff with comments is just people being meaner than they need to be, but at least part of it is also just me screwing up. I know these are probably fairly normal and boring complaints of writers, and also that I am probably being overly neurotic about some of it. But it's like, I can feel like I'm really in a groove and confident and high on life and then one little thing happens and I feel horrible about myself. I hate it.

I also didn't write a review for the Lesbrary, which is totally not a big deal, but a personal thing I like to do, and which I'm supposed to do once a month. I also sort of slacked off on the AE book club that I run. Meaning, I still haven't read the book, or created choices for December. Whoops? Getting on that soon.

Goals for December:

I had gotten into a few personal writing habits (like, on paper, away from the internet) in October that I slacked off on in November. I'd like to go back to that, because paper is cool. Like bow ties.

I'd like to update this blog a few times, and generally be as productive as I can with both writing and making money while also watching all the Christmas movies and making all the Christmas cookies and making Christmas memories and stuff. We'll see how that one goes.

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