Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Writing Log: December.

December wasn't necessarily the most productive writing month of my life, but I'm telling myself it's okay because I actually spent a good portion of the month teaching in middle school classrooms, much of which was unexpected and stressful and I may have cried a little and was tired a lot. So just the fact that I kept up with my TV recaps for AfterEllen (although just barely) felt like a triumph. 

Writing the recaps during that time also felt like falling back into how writing often used to feel: a pleasant escape, a way to get swallowed up in my own brain again when my brain was normally too busy being swallowed up by the world. In other words, it was a nice reminder that even when the real world is getting me down, writing can still bring me back to me. Even if it's just recapping what happened in a TV show.

So, those recaps: 

The Good Wife: 5.10.
Generation Cryo: 1.21.3, 1.41.5.
Last Tango in Halifax:

The last Last Tango recap has close to 100 comments on it now, which is maybe the most I've ever gotten on a recap. Which, admittedly, has 99% to do with the fact that it's a good show, while being only 1% related to me, but, still, it's fun.

I also got back in the swing of things with the AE book club, and wrote a 2013 Lesbian/Queer Books Year in Review.

At the Riots:

Another pathetic month at the Riots for me. The only thing I wrote for Food Riot was a review of what was in my fridge, which I wrote when I was hilariously exhausted and my fridge was hilariously empty. But this hasn't actually posted yet, so my presence as a food writer this month was pretty nonexistent.

And the only thing I wrote for Book Riot was a Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide. Which was amazing for obvious reasons. But still. I didn't even participate in their massive and impressive Best Books of the Year post, because we couldn't do repeats, and any book I read and loved that was released in 2013 was already nabbed by somebody else. Working for them has definitely inspired me to read MOAR and also to READ MOAR NEW BOOKS. We'll see how that works out for me in 2014.

However, my article about bookstores in strange places--Boats, Trains, and Barns, specifically--got re-run for the Best of Book Riot, which they do during holidays, and it tickles my fancy to have something I wrote be chosen for it. And a lot of people passed it around in the Twitterverse, which also makes me happy.

Oh, oh, and I DID do a SUPER NERDY thing with other Rioters, although it didn't involve writing anything, but it DID involve reading portions of A Christmas Carol out loud via Google Hangout while downing three Bud Light Cranberritas. Although the close placement and angle of my laptop to my face along with my rather poor living room lighting situation makes this an extremely unfortunate event to be available on the Internet, probably.

Group posts:

I don't know if I even participated in many AE huddles other than the one about our 2014 resolutions, my participation in which was like a line long and full of pretty generic things, but I still think it's a good sentence full of good things.

Other writing:

Not a lot. Didn't write in here at all, which is disappointing, and didn't write much elsewhere or otherwise. Overall, looking back at November, my December was somewhat pathetic. And in end-of-the-year roundup news, I only updated this blog 34 times in 2013, the least I ever have since its inception.

But who cares? December is a too-fast, often too-hard month, always, as much as it can also be a so-happy month. It's January now--month of being inspired and getting off butts and making shit happen. Right? RIGHT!

*shouts motivating messages to self, twirls hands in the air, runs off into distance through field of writing dreams*

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