Monday, April 3, 2017

Fave Five: Mom's visit.

My mom and her BF were in town last month over the course of a couple weekends. Even though February isn't the best of months to visit Portland (especially this winter), we were still able to squeeze in a lot of good stuff. And I'm committed this year to getting back to writing down the good stuff. Here are five highlights:

5. Wine and Girl Scout Cookie pairing at Hip Chicks Do Wine

Listen up, y'all. Even when it feels like the civil world as we know it is crumbling into dust and ash, remember that there are small wineries run by lesbians who put on a Girl Scout Cookie and wine pairing event each year. And it is officially endorsed by the Girl Scouts. I feel like that should make you feel better. Even if just for a moment.

4. Painting pottery at Ready Paint Fire

Painting pottery always seemed like a real yuppie thing to do, but it turns out--as is often the case with things you judge prematurely based on no facts--it is in fact super fun! I have had a great time both times I've done it now. Ready Paint Fire is in kind of a strange location in Northwest, but it's super chill. They have a hundred different things you can paint, it's all reasonably priced, and they set you up and then just leave you alone. This is a very Portland-y style of customer service, but here I enjoy it.

3. Brunch at Tasty n Alder

Tasty n Sons/Tasty n Alder are that variety of REAL POPULAR AND HIP PORTLAND RESTAURANT that we don't go to that often because we're too lazy these days to wait for a million years and we're almost always too poor to be hip. Visitors are nice in this way because you realize that maybe they want to see popular and hip, as opposed to the dive bar you play trivia at every week in your real life. And, they were paying. 

So we went to Tasty n Alder! And it was, very sincerely, one of the best meals of my life. Kathy and I had gone to Tasty n Sons once before but each only got one thing, but this time we did it the way you're supposed to, tapas family style, and ordered way more things than we should have and tried all of them. Highlights were: potatoes bravas with egg, the radicchio salad, and the cast iron frittata. But it truly was all delicious.

The other plus about Tasty n Alder is that while you will have to wait, you are within walking distance of a bunch of stuff downtown, including Powell's, and you don't have to stay close by because they'll text you when you're almost up. Win win.

2. Ping Pong at Pips & Bounce

This is a bar where you can get good drinks and play ping pong. I mean. This concept needs no further improvement.

1. Foot massages at the Barefoot Sage

So, this was blissful. It was TWO FULL HOURS of soaking and massaging our feet and ankles. And dipping them in wax and stuff. The things humans think of! I spent a lot of the first hour thinking about how everyone in the world deserves to experience such a thing, how good it is for our mental health, and how the people who probably need such services the most are the ones that don't have the money to ever experience it, and how unfair everything is, and do these workers ever get tired of massaging our feet because they are really going at it and they must get tired! I spent the second hour thinking about pretty much nothing. If I ever make it big, I will buy a two hour massage at the Barefoot Sage for everyone I know.

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